By request, for your entertainment.

I’d like to say first that I wasn’t sure whether or not I should post this, as it’s going to stir the pot a bit. In the end I decided to anyway, and that’s because I hate when people delete their comments when they don’t like them. Here’s to you meq, and why you always end up banned. For constantly talking shit.




At this point, he deleted all the comments and started to IM me.



He really wanted me to do things privately. Weird considering he has no problem talking shit publicly, that is of course if it’s against other people.




This one is my absolute FAVORITE. Because I commented on his post on FB, he’s reporting me to Lexi, an admin at SIN.  That’s fucking priceless.

You know what? I wouldn’t normally mind meq all that much, except every time he comes back, he talks shit to everybody. Tries to pit admin against each other and stir up shit. Get real dude, it’s not going to work. Have fun at SEDS.

By more request, I’m adding more.  This one’s other Cassie. For the record meq didn’t have anything to do with her status at SIN, she makes it on her own merit just fine 🙂












Update: Pictures have all been restored. Meq, in order for a DMCA to work there has to 1. Be an actual copyright infringement (being embarrassed doesn’t count) and 2. Be able to actually do something about it when I fight for my own shit back.  My advice? Deal with it.  Get a life. And most importantly, I haven’t done shit to you, you did this to yourself.

SO bye bye forever. Do not contact me again. Here’s a goodbye song just for you:


30 Responses to “By request, for your entertainment.”

  1. Cassandra Says:

    Oh man >_<
    For me, I took him off my list because I didn't want to look at anymore dramatic posts about SIN admins. And being called 'sheep' for being loyal to friends I've known and respected for over a year, rather than for under a month, is something else…

  2. @Cass: I have no dog in this fight but let me ask you a question.What does being “loyal” mean in this case? Can you not be a member of both groups?

    • Sure you can. But why would you if the other thinks lowly of you?

      • I am not so much thinking Meg thinks “lowly” of Cass or anybody for that matter as much as He is hurt by some decisions made that is all.I am not saying Meg was a genuis in how he handled it but SIN has had a few of those type leave blasting SIN and have come back to be well admired IMO.

  3. Novogradac37 Says:

    This guy is really pretentious. Finding new words for slander in every sentence doesn’t make you look intelligent or classy, it just paints a picture of you flipping through a thesaurus in a blaze of misguided anger.

  4. Cassandra Says:

    Well, by being loyal–I mean by being loyal to SIN–which I consider my home–and listening to the opinion of those that I respect on SIN. It’s possible to be a member of ‘both groups’, but when shit-talking is done about the people and the site that I am very fond of, well, that crosses a line with me. Besides, it shouldn’t have had to have gotten to this point. I don’t like to ‘pick sides’ like this, but if I must–it will be with those I trust.

    • I see your point Cass and understand, I am not privy to all that was said and done. I was a bit chastized(I do mean a bit) because I stayed a member of the CoC even though Venger pulled some crap,if you remember the whole “respect” thing he tried on SIN.I like SIN and told Venger that if it came down to one or the other,SIN would win but that is because Sin is a social network and CoC is a “squidward” believing cult as it were LOL.

  5. Tim, you know I love ya man, but you just only see the good in people sometimes and that doesn’t always work out 😛

    Seriously dude, come over to the dark side already, we have beer.

  6. Drama rama. It’s unfortunate because, really, there’s room for all kinds of forums on the never ending internet. I’m personally a member of a few and an admin of a couple. Shrugs. I don’t like what was said about Cassy. I love her very much and never got to see what was deleted from Meq’s profile between you and him. Thanks for putting it up. I will remain silent about SEDS because I do partake and think it could be interesting but he knows that SIN is my homebase and I don’t tolerate him talking about SIN in a bad way. I have always stood up for my fellow admin whether I agreed with their decisions admin wise or not.

    As for you Sammie, we don’t see eye to eye on a lot of things. That’s gotten us into some rather back and forth debates but as I’ve said before, I respect you as an admin and the support you’ve afforded me over the past couple years.

    • Well if we all saw things eye to eye, our forums would be empty lmao.

      And no prob putting it up, I have a serious issue with people that use the delete button, even for myself. Many people have their moments they wish they could take back or do differently, but it’s cowardly to hide them instead of just owning your shit. Oh and, please don’t ban me from Facebook haha!

  7. Why do I get the distinct feeling that I’ve just wandered into some Mean Girls-esque school locker room filled with spotty 14-year-olds with a crush on Justin Bieber?

    • Funny coming from the guy actively trying to take my blog off the internet. Oh and by the way, DMCA’s won’t work and neither will reporting it to WordPress. You really should read their terms of service.

      • I strongly suggest you read up on the “tu quoque” logical fallacy. You use it a lot Samantha. 🙂

        Oh and do something about that blue shit on your head, you look like you’ve been used to paint a house blue by an elephant or something.

  8. LOL, yes meq, because unoriginal insults about teen movies merits an actual argument.

    And OH NOOO you stopped liking my hair. The HUMANITY. Lemme just report you to the internet for being a meanie so I can take your posts down.

    Oh wait I just remembered, I’m not asshurt enough to threaten people, stalk them and then post their private info, try and take their content down, delete comments that offend my tender sensibilities, or call other people’s boss in an attempt to get them fired.

    But hey, you fill out that DMCA form to your heart’s content baby.

  9. “I’m not asshurt enough to threaten people, stalk them and then post their private info…”

    Then what the fuck were you doing on my Facebook constantly THREATENING me with “screencaps”, STALKING my wall and entire family with your fucking SIN drama, and then POSTING my private info here? Can’t you see how hypocritical your behavior is? How are you any better than you are claiming I am? Seriously?

    And in your stubborn, blinkered, one-track mind, in which you rehash long-gone past drama constantly, you couldn’t even see the inappropriateness of trashing my FB wall. All you cared about was not being censored. Fuck you and fuck your stubborn attitude.

    And now you produce “On Request… More Drama”. Fine, outstanding SIN admin aren’t you Sammie. Meq is off SIN, and still YOU, a fucking admin, continue to stir the Meq shit pot. Give yourself a gold medal.

    And I already sent your DMCA for copyright violation. I could care less about success so much as about principle. It’s worth a shot if you can’t keep my private shit to yourself that I trusted you with. Whoops, big mistake I made there, trusting Sammie.

    Grow the fuck up Samantha Oliver.

    • WTF. I didn’t fucking threaten SHIT. YOU took the same pictures and said so. And YOU made a post on YOUR facebook rehashing all the SIN drama. Again, I replied to the shit YOU put up on YOUR facebook about SIN. One more time, YOU posted on facebook about the drama for all your family to see, fuck you even PAID MONEY to promote it, just to make SURE everyone saw it. It only became an issue to you when I actually called you on your bullshit, and you know it. I didn’t do this, you did. Btw, it’s not posting “private info” when you promoted a post you wrote on facebook publicly.

      Dude, seriously, you’re hilarious. I’m bad for taking screenshots of a post you already made public and that makes me a bad admin? From the admin at 600 that read private messages and then called someone’s boss to get them fired, and whining endlessly for hours on facebook PMs about how some of the admins at SIN said mean things to you a year ago, and how you’re so scared someone mentioned your pacemaker. Yes meq, you are certainly a great judge of admin, and SO grown up.

    • Lol I can’t get over it. You paid money to show people your post. Then you’re mad I showed the post. Ok, ok I’m done.


      • Yeah, I paid money to show yours and FS’s private messages. Oh wait, no I didn’t.

        And you just HAD to drag FS into this drama, she was pretty remorseful to me for her part in this violation of trust and privacy which was not her intention. She shared her private messages in confidence with you, which she admitted was wrong, but she is still my friend. You posted them without her permission, you fucking freak, just like you did with mine, and just to stir the shit pot. And you call yourself her friend?

        Fuck yourself sideways, Samantha.

  10. FS is fine with it, but OK Meq. Bye bye!

  11. I’m with Org actually, thanks for posting it. All you’ve done Sammie, in the eyes of anyone not in your immediate clique, is prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that you are no better than you are claiming I am. You’ve literally destroyed your entire argument. So yeah, thanks for posting.

    If FS really is fine with it being posted, then she’s not much better than you, but I have heard another side there. Either way, I’m giving her another chance. I know damned well she didn’t send those screencaps for your blog. You made her an unwitting accomplice in your games, and FUCK YOU for that.

    I’m sorry it had to come to this Sammie, I genuinely liked you. I honestly did. I trusted you too. But you just had to play games with me. I don’t take that with kid gloves. Fuck with me and there will be consequences.

    You know perfectly damned well I have nothing against Cass, I’ve ALWAYS wanted what was best for her. I apologize to her personally for calling her a sheep. Cass is not a sheep. I just think Cass is a vulnerable girl who needs trusted friends who are there for her. I still genuinely like her and I will always have a huge amount of respect for her. I could give two shits about any majority opinion to the contrary with no evidence going for it.

    As for you though, Sammie. YOU are a sheep, in the worst meaning of the term. YOU take opinions of your friends as facts. YOU follow the herd in the worst way. YOU take majority opinion as gospel. YOU are being the drama queen and shit disturber here, not me. But thanks for posting it, you are well on the way to hanging yourself.

  12. Actually, first off, this is not the first time I’ve used FB screen caps. Second, you seem to be confusing me with someone that gives a fuck what strangers on the internet think of me. The internet is not my world, though I know your world obviously revolves around it.

    Yes, yes, sure. You genuinely liked me, up until I called your shit. (LOL I went from admin material to sheep real quick, oh noes) Yeah, okay. I think you also genuinely liked Cass until she didn’t do something you liked and then you trash talked her, or genuinely liked FS before she bothered you and then you threatened her with physical violence. The problem here is not that I posted your convos, the problem is that your convos show your manipulation of different users on SIN, and that you really only care about people if you can use them for something.

    Blah blah blah meq. Hate me all you want, just remember though, all the damning shit I published is your doing, not mine.

  13. Oh and, are you threatening me? Really?

    “Fuck with me and there will be consequences.”

    You just demonstrated my point. Also, threatening me again is not advisable.

  14. That’s quite rich considering you constantly threatened me with screencaps if I ever “talked shit on your friends”. And I saw you didn’t see fit to air THAT part of our convos, which I still have. One rule for one and one for another, huh? You can “talk shit” about me all you like, and threaten me all you like, but I am obliged to turn the other cheek back? Priceless, Sammie. You honestly remind me of my grandmother. She was also cursed with the inability to see more than one side.

    And I believe in LaVeyan dictates of revenge. Would you rather I became a Christian and turned the other cheek? Is that what you are demanding, really? Your hypocrisy is mind-blowing if you are demanding that after deciding on this course of action. Just as other Satanists would be hypocritical to demand I turn the other cheek to you like a Christian dog just because you are their friend. Yet Satanists really are that stupid at times.

    You are of course welcome to stop now and take my name out of your mouth, then I would be happy to take yours out of mine. In fact, that is all it would take. Keep my name out of your mouth from now on and this will be over. No grudges, no more shit. OVER.

    And I still genuinely like and respect Cassie even though she has no contact with me anymore, so figure that one out.

    If you didn’t think it cool to violate my copyright, trust and privacy as part of your adolescent games, I wouldn’t have sought legal advice and filed a double DMCA out of principle. And I do NOT do that shit lightly. I’m sad it’s come to this.

    Just grow the fuck up Sammie. I don’t hate you enough to do any further than the above, and there are VERY good reasons why I would not want to. For one, you might actually mature a bit and become someone I can respect. I enjoyed your sharp mind and contributions. But this blog, ladies and gentlemen, is the “worst of Sammie”, just for the logical fallacies alone. I’ve never seen the tu quoque fallacy abused so much in my life, or a fucking site admin stir the shit pot so much over such petty schoolgirl bullshit. Maybe you should consider motherhood, Sammie, if it helps you to mature a bit. Just throwing that out there.

  15. Oh no A DMCA!!! Oh wait, it’s not going to work because these screen caps aren’t fucking copyrighted.

    BTW. I didn’t threaten to post these pictures. I simply said “I look pictures” and then proceeded to post them. That’s an action not a threat.

    Anywho, any further comments on my blog by you will now be deleted, as I know you’ll go on crying forever if I don’t stop you and I actually have shit to do. Bye Bye!

  16. Meq, I already told you I would delete your comments. And BTW, merely filing a DMCA is not a win, you’re an idiot.

    BTW, take a look at facebook’s terms of service. You signed away any copyright you may have had over any content you put on your facebook. So unless you can convince the actual copyright holder to DMCA me (aka Facebook) you can go and get a life and leave my shit alone.

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