Stupid Hot Girl Memes Need to Die

As it’s Saturday, I got up, had some coffee, and decided to jump into the SIN chatroom like I sometimes do. I got into some pretty fun and interesting conversations that got me thinking a bit about what people find attractive, body confidence, and the highly individual nature of human sexuality. As more of the usual AM crowd trickled in and the conversation slowly got pulled away from these topics and the always fun discussion of how rockin’ Cassandra’s tits are and instead onto less exciting things (for me anyway) I ended up browsing around on my computer, looking at the usual stuff. I glanced over to facebook to PM someone and happened to see this image in my feed:



Now aside from the slightly annoying spelling error, this photo pissed me off on a couple of levels, which is why I’m now writing this blog. Ya know the first thing that ran through my head was that maybe, and I know this sounds a little crazy for some people, but maybe men actually just like whatever they want to like on an individual level. Ya know, like everybody else??


It might just be me, but I think making a claim that the entire male gender (or in some of the stupid memes I’ve seen, “real men” because obviously the generalizations weren’t rude enough without that little jab added on like rancid sprinkles) likes women in only a certain way is false and really condescending. Men, just like women, are so varied in their tastes of what they find attractive that there is literally a porn version of EVERYTHING.  Back to that in a minute though, I have another point I want to make first.


Which is that I did actually understand the intended message of this picture. I know that it wasn’t meant to be condescending to men. We (as in people in the US, and most other countries with similar cultures that I can relate to) live in a society that is highly commercialized. You can’t turn on your TV, go on the internet, or go anywhere outside your house that isn’t the middle of nowhere where you aren’t bombarded with product placements and advertising that is specifically designed to tell people what they should drive, what to eat, and most importantly what is beautiful and what you need to be doing to fit into that image of widely accepted beauty. And in the case of women, you NEED TO BE THIN. AS THIN AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE. Naturally, this is wrong, and also a really bad thing to impose on women everywhere. The standards forced in our face of professional models are simply unrealistic for ALL women and in some cases dangerously unhealthy. This has led to a lot of body image problems for women that aren’t naturally rail thin. Recently though, I’ve seen that shifting a bit. A lot of women are choosing to embrace whatever body type they have as beautiful, and gotten loud about it. I understand that this picture is trying to do just that thing. As a curvy girl myself, I understand that no, weighing more does not mean I’m not pretty. I support this message. What I don’t support, is promoting a positive body image for curvier women by saying that overly skinny women aren’t attractive. That’s just perpetuating the bullshit. Look at the picture, the skinny girl is called a skeleton and told nobody likes that. How is that any better than calling a skinny woman beautiful and telling the fat chick to go on a diet? It’s fucking not.


But back to what gives men a boner. (See? More exciting to read, huh?)


As I’ve already said, the things that men can find attractive is incredibly broad. I know guys that really dig the skinny look. It’s their thing, so what? It’s all good to me, you go find that sexy size zero (Because, yes that’s sexy) you met that the bar last Tuesday and have yourself a great time. Hey, I also know plenty of guys that think curvy chicks (Also sexy) just like me are just awesome. So if you’re a woman with body issues because not all the guys like you because you’re either too skinny or too heavy, I have some news for you. There is literally no weight you can be at that will make all the guys like you. That guy that digs super thin girls will always exist. That guy that loves to chase the chubs will always exist. There will be men that exist that don’t find you attractive no matter what you do. And that’s okay, because this works both ways. I will not find every guy I see attractive, and I know there are lots of woman that completely disagree with what I personally find attractive. Why has not having attraction for someone become an insult in the first place? It can’t be helped, and it’s inevitable! 


And don’t misunderstand, I do love it when I run into people that think I’m sexy. I’m not denying that it’s awesome when it happens, it’s just that I don’t ever really get upset just because I’m not attractive to someone else. Maybe if I find them attractive, but they don’t feel the same back that’s a little bit of a bummer, but whatever, I can move on and try again. I don’t get offended or let it ruin my day and I sure as fuck won’t let the opinions of other people define my self worth.  


So that’s it, everyone is beautiful, and everyone is ugly. Can everyone just move past the petty bullshit argument over what our bodies are supposed to look like and just get comfortable with them the way they are already? The vastness of the porn industry says yes.







4 Responses to “Stupid Hot Girl Memes Need to Die”

  1. In a world where the Barbie doll and G. I. Joe (Ken dolls are weak) look are shoved down peoples throat, not every guy likes the same thing in his woman. Heck I think I was lucky just to get one and that she married me lol!

    Different strokes for different folks 🙂

  2. satanicscholar Says:

    Reblogged this on Satanic Scholar and commented:
    I like This

  3. Peter Herdings Says:

    How about men for whom “not acting like a cunt” is a tad more important in a woman than the shape of her body? We do exist.

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