I guess I’m the only one that didn’t forget Mysatan.

Does anyone remember the fall of Mysatan? Zach and buds tricked the owner, who was too busy to take care of his site, into selling it to them under the guise of improving the place and taking care of it.


Then, for those of us watching in the sidelines, we got to witness Zach and buds troll the fuck out of it. Sock accounts went wild, trolling videos flooded every page of the website, and the background was turned pink. 


For the finale, they shut the entire site down, which deleted every users content, and set up a redirect to SIN, so that every time someone tried to visit “Mysatan.net” they got to SIN instead.


Where was I, you ask? Chillin in the chatroom, watching it all go down. I even took pictures and laughed. And  after thoroughly destroying most of their competition, SIN exploded with users. 


Now, I told you that story so I could talk about recent events. I stepped down as admin, and left SIN entirely over a week ago. Aside from keeping in contact with certain members on facebook, I’ve been rather quiet about it, until now. I made my reasons for leaving pretty clear, but in case you missed it before, I fundamentally disagreed with the way things were being handled and would not attach my name to the things that were going on. 


Seems though, after this place opened it’s doors for all, things at SIN are being handled worse than ever. Do I have my facts correct that any user on the Circle of Descent is to be banned from SIN? Am I really reading all the posts on SIN right? The same people that stood around and laughed as Mysatan was dismantled by SIN are now acting affronted by this new place? So everyone that’s bitching at me in facebook PMs over my membership here, listen up. I’m not sorry I’m here. I don’t much care about who is running this place or how it came to be. I care about staying in a place where people will understand what I have to say, and I in return, can understand and learn from them. I care about staying in a place where we don’t have censorship based on personal preference, underaged girls flashing their tits, and an owner that picks up and demotes his own admin team based on a whim. The day that this place stops doing that for me, I will leave here too. Just as I left Mysatan, just as I left SIN.


And as someone that watched Mysatan burn to the ground because of Zach and friends, I don’t have the audacity to look down my nose at the people currently joining this network. 


4 Responses to “I guess I’m the only one that didn’t forget Mysatan.”

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  2. Sammie – First off you are talking outta your ass. Diavolo bought mysatan. I was the middle man. Diavolo likes his privacy. And I was tip generously.

    No one was suckered or deceived. I asked the former owner how much he wanted for mysatan. https://www.facebook.com/Terrsaa?fref=ts is the former owner. Why don’t you stop talking out out your ass and get him to post something? Why? Cause you are full of shit. We did a business transaction. He was paid. He accepted it.

    I sent a mass email to everyone on mysatan giving them 72 hours to get their shit outta it. I did send a mass email linking them to SIN. So fucking what.

    When are you gonna be done Sammie? I demoted one admin at SIN and for good reason. You have your head up your ass. If you are gonna come at me Sammie, come at me with facts.

    Otherwise fuck off. Go play with your circlejerk friends. I have lost all respect for you. And that is sad. I actually considered you a friend and 3 weeks ago we sat together and had a beer and lunch.

    You buried yourself.

    If you are gonna come at me come at me with facts. Oh so now I am some sort of pedo creep because some 15 year old girl flashed her tits for 1/2 a second? That same girl attempted suicide or OD’d on pills nearly two days ago.

    Sinister…no. Adversarial? No. You fuckers slammed her so hard she actually tried to take her own life. How do you feel about that? You can take the high road and act like if she is that weak she deserves it. Which I do not doubt you will to impress your ‘ sinister’ buddies.

    Why the fuck do you petty ‘ Satanists ‘ keep coming back to the Sect or SIN? Now that is an interesting question. Was it not enough to do your own thing? No , it was not. I am glad the people who left,left. Keep talking shit and out your ass Sammie.

    Zach Black

    • Haha, Oh Zach. Yes, I am aware that D paid for mysatan, and kicked you back some beer money for it. Getting paid to do something totally negates all claims against your actions, right? $200 makes it all okay? Lol.

      As someone that was present during the mysatan raid, I distinctly remember you telling all of us lurkers not to mention the shut down until it was too late for anyone -like the original owner- to stop you from deleting everything. We all know that Tersa didn’t think you were going to use the site to shut it down and advertise your website. But hey, what do I and 20 other sober people know in comparison to one alcoholic dude? Fuck me, right?

      You know, it’s funny that you ask when I’m going to be done, because, I WAS done. I left, weeks ago. I said what I wanted to say, deleted all my shit, and went on my merry way. But, lo and behold, not only can you not go one single day with out letting my name escape repeatedly from your mouth, but that it’s actually MY fault that people ain’t down with fifteen year old girls getting naked in the chatroom. If I remember correctly from the 10+ reports from friends of mine, you’re still pissed that Rotten dare tell ME that child pornography (which is what it is) is happening in a chatroom signed up using my full real name. That’s some typical Zach shit, it ain’t your fault for asking a child to show her your tits, you can’t be held accountable for disregarding every single admin and user on SIN that didn’t want to be connected with underage shit– No, no, the clear problem here is that you got caught. Naturally, the people that happened to notice are the problem here, right?

      And don’t come at me with some bullshit sob story about this girl trying to kill herself. I didn’t con a child into showing off her body to a bunch of old guys. I didn’t run screaming to everybody I knew about it. You remember what I did, which is jump into the chat and PM you over it before shutting down my chatroom. You know who did drag her through the mud? You. Seeing her tits is SO important to you that you not only encouraged it, but you defended it to all of the other users on SIN. Even after you lost almost every user of value at SIN and were forced to change the chat to 18+, you snuck her BACK into the chat under a new name. Fuck man, check the CoD, there’s a post on YOUR facebook about you jumping into her own personal tinychat like what, three hours ago? Yeah, I know about ALL of that, and you know what? Whatever damage that is done to that poor girl, rests on you. Don’t you dare blame me for the health of a child because I tried to stop you from exploiting her in the first place.

      And ya know what Zach? I didn’t do all of this. I didn’t hack your site, I didn’t make almost every one of your friends hate you, I didn’t make you lose any small amount of respect you had left. You can do that better than I ever could. Wake the fuck up man, I left SIN and ended up joining CoD like every other user there. I’m not “coming back to SIN,” I’m just carrying on with my life. Take your “petty satanist” beef to the people that hacked you, not the person nice enough to call your admin to wake your drunk ass up the last time you got hacked. Seriously, fuck off man.

      One last thing, and listen really fucking close. I do not want or need your respect. I am a woman that is half your age, and already I’m smarter and more successful than you will ever be. You couch surf with your mom or friends, drink yourself into oblivion everyday, can’t hold onto a job for more than a month, borrow money from all your friends, got no car, and no longer have the brain capacity to string together a line of thought that actually makes sense. I have paid my own rent since I was 17, I’m a near straight A college student with a major in Biochemistry (which you can’t even spell, btw), I have never had to beg people to put money in my paypal for beer money or to get my car out of impound, and generally have my life together on a level that is ,frankly, unimaginable for a bum like you. Why would I possibly care about whether or not you respect me?

    • Anonymous Says:

      “That same girl attempted suicide or OD’d on pills nearly two days ago.

      Sinister…no. Adversarial? No. You fuckers slammed her so hard she actually tried to take her own life.”

      You did that to her, Zach. Not “them”. Not “the haters”. YOU. YOU. YOU. All out of your lust for some underage skin. Responsibility to the responsible. As the adult in this situation the responsibility is on your shoulders. You were the one getting slammed for it (and rightly so, what a PR disaster).

      She is not to be wholly blamed for teenage folly in the presence of adults. Besides, that would only be the second teenage suicide of a member of your network.

      Swallow your pride Zachary. Speaking of suicide, kill yourself.

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