An Open Letter to Zach Black

This is a response to Zach’s general message to the users of the Circle. Full message can be found here . I’m only going to throw up the pieces I want to address, so if you haven’t seen the complete message, click the link I gave you. I’m going to do this Darryl style.

Zach: I wanna make this clear. I have nothing against the site or the vision behind it. In fact, I would like to see it come to fruition. 

Me: First sentence is total bullshit, off to a good start I see. 

Zach: There are several people there that I respect and still remain in contact with. It is a shame that half a dozen disgruntled former users of SIN are attempting to pit the sites against each other. That was not on my end. You can thank Jason King ( John Warren), Dan Dread ( Daniel MacDonald), Alison Jones, Neil Westwood,FemaleSatan,Darryl and a couple others.

Me: 1. Prove to me that all this shit is their fault, and 2. I don’t think you can claim that others are pitting the sites against each other when you were behind the DDOS attacks that hit Circle for a week or so. Don’t bother denying that, quite a few people saw the live footage of you encouraging some wannabe hacker do it for you. In a public chat. On webcam. 

Zach: What started this ‘feud’ is the hacking of SIN. 

Me: I can’t tell if you’re feeding everyone a line of bullshit, or you’re really stupid enough to think that. I’m also not sure which is worse. 

Zach: King often takes all the credit for a fraction of the work. That is his MO.

Me: Sounds familiar…. Oh yeah, it’s you. Who built SIN again? Certainly wasn’t you, was it? lol.

Zach: A few other users started spreading a rumor that I was/am a pedophile.

Me: A “rumor?” Seriously? Zach, you asked a fifteen year old to show you her tits, and then when confronted about it, told everyone that you don’t give a shit if she’s fifteen. What’s more, that’s not the first time, nor is it the first girl, or even the youngest girl. I remember Cristina. 😉 She was thirteen, right? 

Zach: But there is a benefit to what happened. A bright side. SIN did lose several smart cookies. But, SIN lost several fucking assholes. And since they have left several more people are posting.

 Me: Lol, several more people are posting??? Who? 

Zach: Also when Jason King deleted the forums and essentially gutted SIN I thought it was over. But, in reality his actions forced me to step up my game. I was not only to restore all the forums, but I was also able to restore ALL the users that recently deleted themselves in protest. So, thank you King. You did SIN a huge favor.

Me: Lol, that’s your biggest victory right? Stealing the good content of users that are disgusted with you? How sad.

Zach: So, here we are. SIN is still being relentlessly trolled by 1/2 a dozen or so CircleJerk users. Ironic how the circljerk claims to be the elite and most active Satanic forum. Yet, they still spend hours a day trolling SIN? Are the CircleJerks getting bored already? Wow imagine that! A site with 60 people rehashing the same old shit. I see tumble weeds in the near future. You can only keep a network running if new users are posting content. But hey, do not take my word for it. I only run the most active Satanic social network/forum around. And my offer still stands Dread. You know. The one you pussied out from. You wanna compare Google Analytics ? Of course you do not. You know mine would crush the circlejerks.

 Me: Ah, and we have finally reached the part that made me write this blog, the most important piece. The one thing I’ve seen you pull out in every argument you have ever participated in, your precious Google Analytics. What does it show? How much traffic the site has, right? How many people that have seen SIN, correct? It’s clear here that having the biggest number of views is what matters to you.

And that right there is why you’ll never, ever be respected among anyone with value. Don’t you fucking get it man? It’s not about who hacked your site, it’s not about the people listed on your troll blog, or the Circle website, it’s all about you. Your goal isn’t to progress satanism, your goal isn’t to provide a community for satanists to meet and exchange ideas, shit, your goal isn’t even to better yourself. Your goal is numbers. How many site views you have, how many accounts signed up on SIN, what your number is on some arbitrary list of popular satanists. Your goal is popularity. Post your Google Analytics, keep reminding us about the 5,000+ empty accounts, post that pathetic Comedy Central skit one more time, remind us how many people have seen your youtube videos. Nobody cares. Why?

Because it means nothing. Your website could have a million user accounts and a billion views a day, and it still wouldn’t matter. At the end of the day, no matter what the numbers are, still all you have on SIN is the stolen content of users from the Circle, inactive accounts, and users so idiotic they wouldn’t make it anywhere else. I don’t give a fuck how many people click on the Circle everyday, I care about whether the posts there are worth reading. Shit, you care about your empty numbers so much that you personally made sure to tell anyone that’s ever been of value to you how dispensable we all are. Gee, I wonder why the place is crumbling all around you now…….

Zach: The only thing the circle jerks can boast about is quality over quantity. That is what everyone says when you lack the numbers. ‘We do not care about numbers only quality’. Yeah right. No one there on the jerk-a-thon site has the ability to promote like I do. Not even all of you put together. Entropy is setting in. And will continue until the tumble weeds come. It will end up being the same 20 people rehashing the same old shit,telling each other how cool and smart they are and how SIN sucks. While SIN is getting about 10 new users a day and marches on.

Me: Lol, the tumble weeds are coming hmm? You sure about that? So far, despite your best efforts, Circle not only has great new content everyday, but also more people online and in the chatroom than yours on a regular basis. I’d say things are going pretty well. Also, fuck your youtube promotion, it brings in more derp. (Which is a big part of why your site sucks btw, but I know you’ll just delude yourself again thinking we are all somehow jealous of you lol) BTW, out of those ten new users anyway, do you have the stats on how many trolls join and how many join only to leave and never came back? Lol. Based on the year I spent approving new users as admin, I’d say you get one or two posters out of all the new users, and then only a good poster every few months out of that. The thing about those 20 smart users rehashing the same shit everyday, is that at least they are talking about actual satanism. I’ll take that over all the “Do I Worship Batman” blogs any day of the week. 

Zach: So what is it guys? And I am not addressing the entire site but the 1/2 dozen people I have mentioned. Jealousy? Envy? Are you upset your site did not blow up the way you predicted? Sorry about your luck. And with few exceptions none of you are welcome back at SIN. I would have been a better friend than enemy. It must be hard for you haters to realize your efforts for defeating me failed.

Me: Lol… Envy. Why the fuck would anyone envy you? For having a site with 5,000 high school kids that you brought in with one of your drug videos? For going on Comedy Central and making a complete ass of yourself? For living in a shack on a winery with no plumbing? Fuck man, get a hold of yourself.

Zach:  And continues to be the most active social networking community for Satanists.

Me: You can go ahead and keep that homie. Nobody wants it.

Zach: So,continue on bitter ones. And I will piss on your grave. I am digging it now.

I will sing this at your funeral

Me: Lol, what is everyone defeated because you made a blog about them with Neil’s dick on it?? 

Get over yourself already Zach. The real reason everyone left your site is because you actually aren’t smart enough to be in charge of things. All it took were a few bad decisions in a row for a lot of people to come to that conclusion at the same time. I tried warning you that pissing off your admin and key players would be a bad move, but you didn’t listen. Now you get to pay that price. Have fun with what’s left of SIN! 😀


4 Responses to “An Open Letter to Zach Black”

  1. I don’t remember the people at Circle ever making the claim that it was the most active site on the interwebz ever..

    You are right Sammie, numbers don’t matter. Quality does. It’s the one thing Zach got right in all of this. The focus at Circle seems to be on quality. That’s a good thing.

    Oh and fuck you Zach. You are still a bitch.

  2. Usually those who brag about the size of their cocks have the smallest penises. Combine this fact with the method of delivery and everything else and I think someone might genuinely use tweezers to jerk off.


  3. Another coincidence theorist flushed down the looney bin…….good job! Well done post!!

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